Value added Services


UMAC offers fully loaded value-added services designed to reduce our customer's project management time and cost-associated risks in procurement of electronic, electrical, mechanical and chemical products from reputed manufacturers. UMAC's value-added services are flexible, customizable and designed to fit our customer's specific requirements. Our highly experienced quality engineers and a network of carefully screened business associates, UMAC has demonstrated time and again proven success in providing solutions to various industries.


1.  Electronic Testing


We undertake the responsibility of screening or testing of all microelectronic devices to Military, Space and Commercial specifications including Laser Marking of your products. UMAC have tie-ups with leading electronic testing labs for Military, Biomedical, Defense, Aerospace, Commercial, Medical and Industrial applications including MIL SPEC TESTING on semiconductors and most electronic devices and microprocessors, Low and high frequency testing of electronic instruments and components. We offer analysis of electronic components for space flight certification, including: Destructive Physical Analysis (DPA), Failure Analysis (FA), Scanning Electron Microscopy, (SEM), Electrical Performance Analysis and Complete Component Analysis.

Our associated labs are specializes in Semiconductor Testing, Screening, Up-screening, Recertification, Qualification testing, Burn in and Reliability Electrical Testing in our environmental testing lab. We also provide screening of microelectronic parts, semiconductors, transistors and IC's in Tape and Reel Services, Non-destructive Shock and Vibration on your semiconductor products and die packaging of obsolete ICs and Transistors.


2.  Mechanical Testing


UMAC has experienced third party agencies in the inspection of structural steel, bridge members and related components. Our work has included the full range of services including technical welding review and engineering, fabrication inspection, coating inspection, ultrasonic, on-destructive testing and chemical composition. Our agencies have tailored operating procedures and developed the professional credentials of our staff, specifically to ensure the highest levels of manufactured product quality. We understands the critical nature of Industrial Compliance and Inspection Services and the manner in which construction projects can be affected by the timely execution of shipment along with the inspection certificates.




We provide certificates against each specifications of product connected to Military, Aerospace, Satellite and other related industries. All the products supplied by UMAC will have Warranty, CO, COC, FAA certificates depends on the product and customer's specific requests. UMAC certify all the products are factory new and we do not supply refurbished or used products.