Welcome to UMAC!

UMAC AEROSPACE PTE LTD is a privately-owned Singapore based company. The team at UMAC has a combined in totalling of 25 years experience in Aerospace, Satellite, Marine and Rail industries.

UMAC gives guarantee to the customer for on time delivery, warranty of the products supplied by us which always help to our customer to perform their project completion on time without any hurdles. Thus, UMAC keeps its journey to the highest target always, thanks to our existing customers who gives continues support to our business.

UMAC focus on various products required by Aerospace, Satellite, Marine, Rail industries. We supply all products with traceability of brand, part numbers, standards, test certificates, etc along with each shipment. We are capable of understanding MIL-Space standardisation and its test and inspection method, packing and storing, etc are the important area where any kind of negligence are not tolerated. Our committed after sale service is always gives customer's confident on us and result of which UMAC keep maintain in their vendor list as the Trusted Supplier.

UMAC has international network of manufacturers who are in to the same industry for long time and their products are well known by customers. Hence the technical and after sale support from our manufacturers are freely extended to our customers without any interpretation.

UMAC places quality at the forefront of all its operations by continuously investing in people, products and techniques to serve and protect its customers.

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